Franchising Detail

1. Investment and qualifications

Cost to open:

Size of footprint 3500-5500 square feet
Equipment and Leaseholds $800,000 - $1,600,000
Operating Capital $100,000
Franchise Fee $30,000
Royalty 5%
Advertising 3%


Unencumbered Cash $500,000 - $1,000,000

2. Site selection

Houston Pizza Franchises Ltd. has final approval on all proposed sites. We evaluate factors such as existing competition, traffic patterns, sales generators, site accessibility, and demographics. Sites such as residential-area shopping malls with ample parking are favoured, as are those situated at or near major intersections in high traffic areas.

3. Site development

We will provide all working drawings, equipment, and material specifications, exterior and interior design coordination, and project assistance from start to finish. We will also help coordinate the completion of all work pertaining to the site and will help you negotiate with the landlord, architects, contractors, and suppliers.

4. Franchise opening assistance

About five (5) days before and until two weeks after you open your Houston Pizza restaurant, we will provide experienced coordinators to support and assist you. Our team offers both theoretical and practical training, as well as supervision of daily routines.

5. Training

You and your key staff will be provided training at our corporate training center in Regina (key staff includes at least one manager and your head cook). The duration of training is three weeks, depending on your experience in the industry. You will be furnished with copies of our detailed Operating Manual and Employee Handbook – these are intended to help you and your staff acquire the necessary tools to becoming successful Houston Pizza restaurant operators.

Our corporate chef will personally train your head cook in all aspects of the HP kitchen – from recipes to portion control, food preparation, quality control, purchasing and inventory control, scheduling, and proper cleaning and health regulations.

We will advise you on human resources, objectives, and strategies.

We will train you or your manager in all aspects of running a Houston Pizza restaurant, including customer service, hiring and training of staff, scheduling, cash management and controls, and kitchen/lounge duties.

6. Marketing

Our brand recognition in Southern Saskatchewan is substantially high.

Houston Pizza is continually updating our Marketing Program. For your contributions as a franchisee, you can expect to receive up-to-date creative materials and an appropriate media program for your particular market while benefiting from the overall amplification of our brand recognition.

7. Joining the Houston Pizza family

Our winning concept is simple – flavourful food made with the freshest and highest quality ingredients for customers of all demographics. The success of our brand is a testament to customer loyalty and to our consistency. Our high degree of brand recognition is currently expanding to other parts of the prairie region and beyond.

A Houston Pizza franchise is very system driven. Average food costs are budgeted at 33% of sales. Wage costs vary depending on the labour laws of operating areas and owner/manager remuneration.

You will thrive as an HP franchisee if you possess good leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills, and if you enjoy working with large and diverse groups of employees. Becoming a franchisee is the right move for you if you recognize our potential for growth and prefer to join an established and growing business rather than entering this competitive market as a small unknown.

Other benefits to being an HP franchisee:

  •  volume discount / purchasing power
  • established menu and recipes
  • portion control
  • training programs
  • control over product cost
  • scheduling models
  • institutional memory
  • automatic brand recognition
  • good potential for resale

8. Your next step

If you are interested in becoming a Houston Pizza restaurant owner, contact Spero Milios at (306) 539-8416 or email at