The HP Fix

Over the years, HP has invited customers to “Taste the tradition” and “Come home to Houston Pizza.” Well, you’ve overwhelmingly heeded the call. Our customers are among the most loyal (fanatical, even!) in the world.

At first, we heard tell of our pizzas making their way to the cottage. To the campsite. To relatives the next town over. Then we heard of our pizzas traveling to Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Eventually, the “Great Canadian Food Show” came calling to acknowledge Houston Pizza for putting Regina on the map as Canada’s unlikely pizza capital.

And over the years, the readers of local newspapers have honoured ours as the best pizza in Regina (we have even been recognized for ‘best salad’!).

Politicians, athletes, even rock stars (the Rolling Stones and Barenaked Ladies, for instance) have craved our stuff.

But really, the ‘HP Fix’ is alive and well after all these years thanks to YOU. We are deeply humbled by your loyalty and love.

You say Houston Pizza is the first place you eat when you return from being away. You tell us you never miss bringing out-of-town guests to eat here. You get your parents to bring our pizza when they come visit you at university. You admit to craving this pizza in your sleep … to keeping us on speed dial!

We couldn’t be more flattered. Really. We take the honour very seriously and commit to bringing you consistently REAL. GOOD. FOOD.

Houston Pizza is your restaurant. You’re at home here.